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deyana: :P Nov 20, 2021 21:18:34 GMT
Talira Greycrest: Pleased to say my finger seems to have recovered. Nov 19, 2021 9:20:08 GMT
Tix Mascot: Hi, and ! : Best of luck with your injured finger. Nov 18, 2021 17:21:15 GMT
Talira Greycrest: Had to report an injury at work today. A workmate accidentally trapped my finger between a trolley and one of those big cage things they use to move stock around the store. Thankfully, the injury isn't too bad. I reported it to one of the managers. Nov 17, 2021 6:35:04 GMT
Talira Greycrest: Off to work again. Nov 15, 2021 21:21:13 GMT
deyana: hello Heretis and everyone 8-| Nov 13, 2021 13:58:42 GMT
darrenvox: whats new everyone Nov 12, 2021 19:21:35 GMT
Tix Mascot: and will be visiting family in Italy. Back next Thursday. Take care and behave! :P Nov 9, 2021 16:12:57 GMT
sample: Hello, ! :-[ Nov 8, 2021 23:29:59 GMT
darrenvox: hi Nov 8, 2021 0:25:17 GMT
Talira Greycrest: Turns out even the sandwiches I take to work aren't safe from the cat! Last week, she stole my sandwich out of my backpack! I found her chewing on it in the middle of the kitchen floor. Will have to start using my plastic sandwich box. Nov 6, 2021 8:58:14 GMT
Talira Greycrest: The pool's open! I can go swimming again! Of course they asked for proof of vaccination (they're only letting fully vaccinated people in). I just showed them the digital vaccine certificate on my phone. Nov 4, 2021 9:27:01 GMT
Talira Greycrest: Crazy cat! Can't even leave her alone with a loaf of bread and she tears the bag open and starts eating it!! Oct 26, 2021 5:34:36 GMT
darrenvox: hi deyana Oct 20, 2021 14:40:10 GMT
Tix Mascot: Hi, ! thank-you-smiley-animated-Thank_you for dropping by! Oct 20, 2021 13:44:44 GMT
deyana: Hello everyone ::) Oct 19, 2021 22:52:43 GMT
darrenvox: wow Oct 17, 2021 16:49:16 GMT
gator: just took a look the last thread to the very back is dated oct 23 2014 and wow lets use it for ween whos brave to post on it 1st to bring it up Oct 17, 2021 0:53:36 GMT *
gator: lots old threads can be found in our airport as well Oct 17, 2021 0:52:26 GMT
Tix Mascot: , I revived this old thread for you. :) Oct 16, 2021 12:51:18 GMT
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