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Guests and members welcome! See fast updates in here, too!
andie: Thanks !!! Jan 28, 2020 12:41:55 GMT
Lady Porthos: Thanks, everyone, I'm loving it so far! Jan 27, 2020 22:43:53 GMT
Tix Mascot: Congrats, and good luck, ! :) Jan 27, 2020 19:45:39 GMT
andie: Congrats !!! I am both happy for you and a little bit jealous. th_agree Jan 27, 2020 12:51:27 GMT
Lady Porthos: Up and running on my new laptop...woohoo!! animated-smileys-animals-018 This is my second HP ProBook and I definitely recommend them! Jan 26, 2020 21:58:35 GMT
andie: Thanks guys for your comments on new computers. animated-smileys-love-erotic-011 Jan 26, 2020 19:49:31 GMT
andie: My husband and I have worked a lot on my DELL to try and keep it going. I know it will go. Looking at Chromebooks. Remember is crazy about her's and they are not too too expensive. Thoughts guys? Jan 24, 2020 12:33:54 GMT
andie: Thanks !!! Jan 23, 2020 13:03:41 GMT
Lady Porthos: Good luck, ! ...I hear you there. My old laptop is going too so I just bought a new one...both HP's. My first was a Dell and was nothing but trouble. I would never buy a Dell again either! Jan 22, 2020 19:19:38 GMT
andie: Hey guys. Pretty sure my laptop is going. The motor has been growling at me. So I am posting a lot less. Each post takes forever. Do not think I will ever buy a DELL again. ;-| Jan 22, 2020 14:14:25 GMT
Tix Mascot: and other new members, please read this: heretix.boards.net/thread/8264/heretix-forum-new-membersEdita few sec Jan 22, 2020 3:23:35 GMT
Tix Mascot: Ready for knee replacement surgery. If all goes well, I should be back home by tomorrow evening. Fingers crossed... Jan 22, 2020 2:57:52 GMT
Lady Porthos: Welcome, ! It can be a bear to figure out your way around here but check out the "What's New?" link above, that can help a lot! Jan 21, 2020 21:49:15 GMT
debugger: smileys-smiley-with-sign-176593 ! animated-smileys-hello-23 Jan 20, 2020 23:48:38 GMT
mikemarshall3: Thank you for the welcome, Andie and Tix. Andie of course I know from a couple of other forums but I hope to be a constructive poster on here (particularly once I have learnt how to navigate the labyrinthine complexities of this forum's layout!) Jan 20, 2020 23:36:06 GMT
Bestem♥r: I like today's date! 1/20/2020 Jan 20, 2020 22:10:19 GMT
Tix Mascot: New 'funny post' function installed. Read more here: heretix.boards.net/thread/501/new-functions-summary?page=2&scrollTo=118853 Jan 18, 2020 21:06:55 GMT *
andie: Welcome !!! So nice to have you here. th_agree Jan 17, 2020 15:42:48 GMT
Tix Mascot: Upon request: Flashchat installed here: heretix.boards.net/board/403/flashchat Please promote Heretix! thank-you-smiley-animated-Thank_you Jan 15, 2020 10:23:10 GMT
seahorse: Another week up ahead... Jan 14, 2020 0:52:59 GMT
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