Meet our competent admin

Who is Joey12?

Joey12 assumed the responsibility as our admin when Tix Mascot became overburdened with online and personal workloads. He is a seasoned website personality, who had his own debate forum for many years and thus well qualified for the assignment.

In addition to having a great sense of humour, plus being a very social and helpful person, Joey12 is also a keen debater with interest in - and an impressive knowledge about - a wide range of subjects.

Joey12 has tried quite a few professions and had many roles at Caterpillar before his retirment. He lives in Illinois with his wife, the dog Emory and the parrot Ricco.

When he is not active on the forum, Joey12 likes to take Emory for a drive. He is concerned about animals, a keen photographer and a great carver of Halloween pumpkins. We are very lucky to have him as our host.

Introducing Ginger

One day, a chestnut filly decided to show up on the Heretix Forum. Strangely enough, she is able to talk, type and do lots of things that other horses can only dream about! Her name is Ginger and she is the forum's undisputed diva! She is supposed to be living on , but she likes to ramble all over . Ginger is sometimes seen in company with the even more elusive black stallion Thunder. If you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of them and even interact with them. Good luck!

Healthy living

Are you concerned about your health? You should be. We have now installed some functions aiming to improve our members' lifestyle. Just click on the image below.

English grammar

Do you have a mother tongue other then English? Or do you want to brush up on your skills in that language? If so, you can benefit from the page that opens when you click on the image below.

Challenge and debunk myths

On our sister forum Abraham's Bosom, you may put myths to the test and also deal with a lot of other interesting stuff while having fun!

Popular abbreviations

In case you are not familiar with all the seemingly strange abbreviations that you encounter in text messages and chatrooms, we can provide you with the complete list. Just click on the button below.

Internet forum for dummies

Are you new to Internet forums? Don't despair! We have set up some useful guidelines for you. Just click on the button below.

Meet our colourful tech guru

Who is Tix Mascot?

Our self-styled tech guru was born in Volda, Norway, in 1961; and he has studied languages and logistics. Among other things, he has been employed as a sailor, peacekeeper, commercial driver and logistics administrator, both in Norway and other parts of the world, so he is widely travelled. Since 1998, he has lived in Oslo with his better half and fellow forum member Lys. He has no biological children, but a step-son and a step-grandson in Italy that he tries to visit as often as possible. His extensive international family is spread over 10 countries.

In 2014, Tix co-founded the Heretix Forum along with two other people, who since have moved on to other cyber obligations. But on the platform that they set up, a small online community has developed, where amazing people from all over the world engage in interesting debates, exciting games, rewarding contests and lots of fun.

Tix Mascot has gone through a period of serious health issues, but he is now in better shape than ever through a healthier lifestyle and daily physical exercises! So he hopes to land a full-time job in not too long, where he can use his qualifications and accumulate new ones. During his years of forum building, he has studied programming and website management, which also come in handy on his resume.

If you want to find out more about him, a click on his image will take you to the appropriate sub-board.

Our Twitter feed

The great pizza test!

Most people like pizza. You are hereby invited to specify how you want your favourite to taste. Take the ultimate pizza test by clicking on the link below and help decide which ingredients will make up the official Heretix Forum Pizza!

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Guess the next country contest

Which do you think will be the next new country to show up at the Heretix Forum? Click on the image below to participate in the contest.


Don't press the red button!

Don't press the red button!

Don't press the red button!

We support minorities!

Our staff wants to emphasise that we are against all kinds of discrimination. Thus, we support women in their struggle for equal payment, working conditions and career opportunities, religious groups that suffer in the shadow of the major faiths, individuals of a race or colour that feel inferior in the community where they live and those with an orientation other than strictly hetero.

We don't necessarily agree with the arguments and instruments that the members of such minorities use in their battle for better understanding and tolerance, but we recognise their rights to live in peace among the rest of us and to have an opinion that challenges society as we have known it until now. Therefore, we deem harassment against them as dispicable actions.

To debate this interesting topic, click on the image below.

Daily facts update

The Heretix Forum T-shirt

The official Heretix Forum T-shirt is for sale in Fun City Mall for just £20.00! You find it in Island Design & Casual Wear (click on the shirt).

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Some of our cool topics

On the Heretix Forum, you can enjoy a host of different topics, like
*and animals.

We have group communities and lots of fun. Sign up and join us today to become a part of our steadily growing family.

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andie: That must have been a Happy Halloween for you !!! Nov 6, 2019 6:43:26 GMT
wizard:  Nov 2, 2019 12:32:26 GMT
wizard: Drinkin rum from a pumpkin Nov 2, 2019 12:27:01 GMT *
Lady Porthos: Happy Halloween! Halloween cat Oct 31, 2019 18:50:46 GMT
tinfoilhat: Beware of evil! Oct 31, 2019 14:20:45 GMT
andie: Happy Halloween Everyone !!! svomit_100-121 Oct 31, 2019 11:21:32 GMT
dagny: Thanks Oct 31, 2019 0:17:45 GMT
andie: Welcome to Heretix !!! Have fun. :D Oct 29, 2019 7:41:51 GMT
andie: TGIF !!! Have a lovely weekend everyone !!! P-) Oct 26, 2019 3:48:19 GMT
Bestem♥r: Happy Birthday, Carlos! Oct 20, 2019 17:30:19 GMT
Tix Mascot: Lys and I have been invited to a party in a nearby city. anim_34 to Carlos! :) Oct 19, 2019 12:16:37 GMT
andie: Happy Weekend Everyone !!! animated-smileys-animals-018 Oct 19, 2019 6:13:51 GMT
spunky: Today is the birthday of and . Congrats! barmy Oct 16, 2019 1:25:07 GMT
cole: I am sailing... Oct 12, 2019 23:37:29 GMT
andie: Happy Columbus Day Weekend Everyone !!! animated-smileys-animals-018 Oct 12, 2019 22:07:04 GMT
Tix Mascot: Back from the airport with Lys! ✈️ Oct 8, 2019 21:41:55 GMT
Beach Bum Bec: Welcome Cole! Oct 7, 2019 14:24:33 GMT
Beach Bum Bec: Sorry about the Island tour gang. I WILL get back to it. Busy with Dad and issues with him at the moment Oct 5, 2019 23:30:56 GMT
andie: Welcome to Heretix !!! Have fun. animated-smileys-animals-018 Oct 5, 2019 0:43:21 GMT
andie: Bad kitty. Halloween cat Be nice and let do her work or no din-din for you. Oct 1, 2019 1:17:00 GMT
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